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Basic Solutions to Common Network Problems

Have you noticed errors concerning your computer network? There are several instances that can be considered signs that there is trouble within your network. Here are some common issues that users encounter:



a. Failure to renew your IP address.
b. Failure to clear DNS cache.
c. Failure to connect to the Internet.
d. Software issues.
e. Heavy network collisions.
f. Failure to clear Address Resolution Protocol cache.


To resolve the issues stated above, here are some basic solutions for networking related problems:


1. You’ll need to verify that your PC is on and is connected to your network. To do this, simply open a browser and see if you can access several websites. Keep in mind that it’s best to visit websites that haven’t been accessed before to ensure that it’s not just the cache and that you are indeed connected to a network.

2. You’ll also need to recheck all network cables to make sure that they are properly connected between your computer and modem/router. It’s a common mishap for users to overlook the network cables.


3. You may also check the LED lights at the back of your tower. If it shows a solid green light then this means your network card is getting electricity while a blinking orange light indicates network activity. But if it shows a blinking red light or no light at all then you’ll need to check if the network card was properly connected or it may be possible that it’s damaged.


network card lights

4. Check for ‘bang’  bangor errors in Device Manager. In order to do this, just simply go to Control Panel then Device Manager. If you can see errors just make sure to install the correct drivers and that there are no conflicts with other hardware on your computer.

5. Check if you are able to ‘ping’ your network card to make sure it’s functioning properly. In order to ping your network card, just simply enter ‘ping localhost’ or ‘ping’ using command prompt.


ping localhost

6. If there’s a firewall involved on your network just ensure that necessary ports are available. If you’re still unable to connect to your network, try disconnecting from your existing firewall.

7. You can utilize the built-in Windows function for issues concerning failure to renew your IP address, to clear DNS cache, and Address Resolution Protocol cache. In case you receive Winsock errors try the function ‘netsh winsock reset’ using command prompt. For problems in renewing your IP address, use the function ‘ipconfig/renew‘ on command prompt.

These are just some basic solutions for resolving common networking issues. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, feel free to call our toll free number at 1-888-708-4885 or chat with one of our experts to help you deal with your network problems.



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