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Limited access message when connecting to a network

There are times when you connect to a network and it shows Limited access with a yellow triangle on the network icon. Causes may vary but there are common ones. The sad part is, it may just happen to one computer or all the computers in the network. Like all types of internet connectivity issues, the best way is to start tracing from the hardware side before proceeding to steps like reinstalling the drivers or changing some settings in the software side.   Make sure all devices are correctly connected.Nowadays, connection types are common. It doesn’t matter what type of internet service or whoever the provider is. The common devices you’ll see are modems and routers. You’ll have to make sure the connections are set correctly. The image below is an example of a home network with wireless connectivity using a wireless router.

Even if a router is for wireless connectivity, most wireless routers now are capable of connecting devices and computers using an Ethernet cable. Whether wired or wireless, they are all going to the same network since they are all connected to the same router. If you have a wireless network at home, you’ll need to check if all the cables connecting the router to the modem then to the wall outlet are securely connected and are in the correct ports. A good example of a computer that can connect to the router but shows a yellow triangle saying ‘Limited access’ is when the cable between the router and the modem is disconnected.   Check if it’s on the right network name or SSID. This applies more on the wireless connectivity. You may get an error Limited access because the computer is connected to a neighbor’s router which may have connection problems.   Check other computers on the network and try to check their IP address. Sometimes, a simple power cycle of the modem, router and computer will do the trick. Whenever the computer and other networking devices are restarted, it will refresh it’s list to get new IP addresses via DHCP server. This step solves a lot of problems.   Drivers. In cases where the computer connects but shows Limited access then sometimes disconnects completely, reinstalling the drivers may also help. If the device has several options that can be changed, it might just be easier to reinstall its drivers because it will take time tracing what’s wrong with it. A lot of times as well, it resolves issues with network connections.   Check for security software like firewall that may be blocking the connection. It’s not supposed to do that but it does happen. This is usually observed when the security software was just updated. For some odd reason, the computer’s connection is blocked from the internet completely. The icon shows it is connected to the network but shows the same yellow triangle that says Limited access when you hover the mouse over it. The best way to check this is to start the computer in Safe Mode with Networking. To do this you will need to restart your PC then press F8 while Windows is loading. Select the option for Safe Mode with Networking then press the Enter key.   These troubleshooting steps will help you resolved the limited access message when connecting to a network. However, if you still encounter problems or need any assistance you can chat with any of our technical support specialists.

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